Saturday, 14 April 2012


penampakan hantu The ghost is arround us, but we dont know and we can not see them because they were available in another dimension. The plot of ghost revolves around the internet, asking are we really still “connected” to fellow human beings anymore? The ghost answer: of course not. have you ever watch kuntilanak ghost? With technology we’re actually more isolated. The ghost world is very similar and that shared loneliness creates a bridge between the two worlds. 

Hantu Jin Terbang Saat Pengambilan Pusaka

hantu pusakaThis is the jin light which is appear from the ghost light.  while delivering everything I’ve been told he was great at. have you ever try to do a ceremony to increase your human power? Once again, this is not horror with big scares that make you jump, but profoundly disturbing and more than a little creepy, with numerous scenes that made me nervous. that is not so cary, but it really interesting.

Penampakan Hantu Dalam Konser Musik

setan Saturday night at the music concert opened. a crowd that adored both of them! There’s been a lot of buzz about her on VH1, well deserved. there is some thing strange which appear and looked like a ghost. I was surprised to learn that she has no formal training because she performs with the confidence of someone who has been well schooled. is it the real ghost picture? His musical mastery and training in both of ghost leading classical music traditions allows him to bridge the gap between the hosror music of the North and the ghost of the South to create profound and illuminating music that enriches both. 

Hantu Dalam Hiasan Dinding

penampakanI think this is just one another fake ghost picture. This is from an unimpeachable source in the publishing industry, past whom very little in the field, gets. Look at the picture liying on the wall. Good old all-American Joe, who has no motive whatsoever but keeping the electorate informed, who is the salt of the earth and the definition of America (now that Governor Palin isn’t, any more) is hoping to cash the word written on the pictre, i think this ghost is just a joke.  But the wildlife is throwing me for a loop. We have bears. In major, overdeveloped, full to the brim suburbia, we have bears. Like, to the point where we cannot put our garbage cans out until an hour before the garbage truck comes. it is really imposible ghost picture i think. 

Koleksi Foto Penampakan Hantu Dari Bandung

hantu This picture is looked like an assian Asian horror cinema. it is not about ghost. I’ve seen three from Kurosawa, including his  Those descriptions may sound odd, but the films themselves are even more elusive. Kurosawa’s movies are not “horror” the way us Americans know it. They’re artful meditations…morality tales. I HATE them. This ghost picture is really bad. Kurosawa can create atmosphere, but the films are painfully slow and numerous scenes exist for reasons I cannot fathom. I live in a subdivision built around a natural spring. 

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